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Client Consciousness - Opportunity Driven

SymphonyCRM delivers a complete CRM solution (business development, client service and marketing automation) to support client facing teams and referral partners, with no hidden costs, and no need to invest in add-on products or technologies to build out your CRM platform.

Symphony is managed as a single system to significantly reduce IT overhead and complexity.

CRM That Puts Individuals First

SymphonyCRM helps you make personal, one-to-one connections with every client. With SymphonyCRM, your entire organisation can build better client relationships that set you apart from your competitors, grow sales, improve satisfaction, and drive more effective marketing campaigns.

SymphonyCRM puts your individual needs first, unlike traditional CRM systems that focus on tracking and managing sales by using a "one size fits all" approach. Our innovative user-focused design, is simple, engaging, and consistent whether you're at your desk or on a mobile device. Contextual intelligence helps you discover new client insights, collaborate more effectively, and make better, faster decisions.

Enterprise-Ready CRM

SymphonyCRM's powerful, flexible platform integrates seamlessly with your business processes today and tomorrow. You'll have unlimited versatility and control with unparalleled platform configurability. Also, because SymphonyCRM is built on industry-standard technologies including HTML5, REST, JavaScript, and PHP, it delivers reduced cost, less risk, and long-term peace of mind.

One Experience - One Platform

SymphonyCRM's versatility also makes it the most agile CRM solution. It can be deployed on premise behind your firewall or our SaaS (cloud) environment or by public cloud providers. And, unlike other CRM systems, SymphonyCRM gives you control of your data in a dedicated database. You'll never be locked-in by inflexible solutions that eventually become too expensive and too cumbersome to meet business needs.In the years to come we believe that you and your clients will benefit from doing things right with the right things.

Professional Services Automation starts with our approach to integrating the traditional practice management system with SymphonyCRM]]. This enables the practice to ensure that the right business solutions are deployed to address specific prospect acquisition and client based management requirements.

Once implemented separate databases, email and mobility platforms become a thing of the past as SymphonyCRM and its mobility capability enables your professional team to be more engaged and responsive.

  • Every now and then technologies improve to such an extent, and provide such obvious benefits, that their positive effect on productivity is undeniable. SymphonyCRM uses robust, industry standard foundations together with the latest technologies to provide tangible improvements in efficiency and business growth.

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